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Yoshiko Takeuchi

好子 竹内

Yoshiko Takeuchi.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Housewife
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Age 31 (1945-1976)
Abilities Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Allies Takeuchi Family
Voiced by Yoshiko Tanaka

Yoshiko Takeuchi is a 31-year-old housewife who lives in Hanuda, the wife of Omito Takeuchi and the mother of Tamon Takeuchi.


In 1976[]

She disappeared along with her husband in the landslide of 1976, leaving behind only her son. After becoming trapped in the Other World she rejects becoming a Shibito, making her a Failed Shibito, and spends the next 27 years at the bottom of the dam.

Tamon with his parents just before the landslide (1976)

Kyoya finds Tamon's parents grave in Karuwari.

In 2003[]

After the floodgates are blown up by Shiro Miyata on Day 3, she and Omito return to their home in Arato where they are finally reunited with Tamon, their mutated figures appearing as humans to him as he is turning into a Half Shibito. Yoriko Anno eventually turns up, beating the two with a bat and taking Tamon with her.[1]

Tamon rencounters with his parents

Tamon's parents as he sees them

Tamon's parents as they are in reality



Her name comes from Yoshiko Tanaka, the same actress that does her.