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Takenobu Maeda

隆信 前田

Vital statistics
Title Office worker
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Age 45 (1958-2003)
Abilities Unknown
Weapon None
Allies Maeda Family
Voiced by Toya Katsuyoshi (外谷 勝由)

Takenobu Maeda (前田 隆信) is Tomoko Maeda's father and Mayumi Maeda's husband.


After the incident[]

He is an office worker, working in the Misumi Daily Gazette, he has an interest in photography and is probable that many of the pictures from the Gazette were taken by him.

After the siren sounds he goes to search for Tomoko along with his wife Mayumi, they reach the Irazu Valley Church, where Hisako Yao tells them to wait there until she comes with her daughter. Eventually Tomoko returns as a shibito, observing her parents from outside through a window, they are afraid of Tomoko and hushes her away. 

Later they go out searching for her. While searching they are eventually attacked and killed, becoming shibito.

Takenobu with Mayumi arrive to the church looking for Tomoko (Day 1; 7:38)

Maeda 2.jpg

Tomoko looking through the windowns in the church (Day 2; 6:32)

As shibito[]

Takenobu, along with Mayumi and Tomoko reside in the Tabori settlement, there they live a happy afterlife

The Maeda family in Tabori (Day 3; 15:20)

Shibito Takenobu "washing" his head

Takenobu Maeda as a shibito

Takenobu as a shibito

Maeda Mayumi, Takenobus's wife as a shibito

Tomoko Maeda, Takenobu's daughter as a shibito



He seems to care about his family, when Tomoko runs off he goes to search her with her wife Mayumi, and despite being horrorized after seeing her as a shibito, they eventually come out to search for her.


  • Tomoko Maeda = Daughter, goes out to search for her.
  • Mayumi Maeda = Wife.
  • Harumi Yomoda = Tries to catch her as a shibito.

Other appearances[]

He also appears in Siren: ReBIRTH and seems to be interested in social media


He is a photographer in the Mizumi Gazette, and its implied that many of the archive images were taken by him.