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Takeaki Misawa

岳明 三沢

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Vital statistics
Title Maj. Takeaki Misawa
Cpt. Takeaki Misawa (during aftermath of Hanuda disaster; was promoted to Major between Hanuda and Yamijima incidents)
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Age 38 (1967-2005)
Abilities Sightjacking
Detection of malevolent supernatural entities (possible)
Weapon Type 64 Rifle
Allies Yorito Nagai
Hiroshi Okita
Voiced by Pierre Taki

Takeaki Misawa (三沢 岳明 Misawa Takeaki?) is a playable character in Forbidden Siren 2. A major in the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF), he is the superior officer of Yorito Nagai and Hiroshi Okita.

After crash-landing their helicopter on Yamijima Island due to engine trouble, losing Okita in the accident, Takeaki takes it upon himself to lead Yorito against the shibito as the two investigate the island. Unfortunately, Takeaki's sanity is soon called into question as the ghosts of his past come back to haunt him.


In Hanuda[]

In August 2003, Takeaki took part in a JGSDF rescue operation in Hanuda, four days after a massive landslide leveled the small village.

He managed to rescue the only known survivor, a ten-year-old schoolgirl named Harumi Yomoda, but in the middle of the rescue, while the two were connected to the rescue helicopter and in mid-air, Takeaki somehow sensed the supernatural force inhabiting Hanuda, appearing to him as a large group of ghostly hands reaching out to him. Takeaki was terrified by this, but luckily the pilot snapped him out of it. The operation was a success, and was documented in the Daily Gazette. Unfortunately, the incident in Hanuda left Takeaki with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, requiring medication to keep himself level-headed. 

Takeaki rescues Harumi from Hanuda

Takeaki Harumi 2.jpg

The forces of Hanuda reach out to Takeaki

Item 1; Shintokumaru Magazine

August 9, 2003 Issue
Earthquake hits Misumi county!
Grade school girl miraculously survives!

…located directly above the earthquake’s epicentre, Misumi County’s Hanuda village suffered extensive damage from landslides. A grade-school girl was rescued three days following the disaster. With no sign of any fatal injuries, rescuers voiced their surprise at the girl’s miraculous survival.

…the girl’s rescue was handled by an elite team of the Ground Self-Defence Force, who were deployed in the area for search and rescue operations.

On Yamijima Island[]

In 2005, a JGSDF helicopter containing Takeaki, as well as his subordinates Yorito Nagai and Hiroshi Okita, crash-lands onto Yamijima. Hiroshi is the only one who suffers fatal injuries in the crash. The three relocate to the island's amusement park to seek help. Yorito panics and loses his composure as Hiroshi, both his superior and a close friend of his, succumbs to his wounds. Takeaki immediately assumes command as leading officer.

Takeaki checks the park for working telephones, to no avail. Suddenly, Hiroshi rises as a shibito and shoots off Yorito's helmet. As Yorito screams in fright, Misawa gives him a handgun and orders him to defeat Okita.

Misawa takes a packet of pills that Yorito found in the amusement park ferris wheel ticket booth, apparently under the impression that it is his PTSD medication. In reality, the unmarked pills seem to have hallucinogenic properties, which exacerbate his already-fragile mental state. Nagai and Misawa are able to exit the park.

As Shibito Hiroshi attacks, Takeaki hands Yorito a handgun for self-defense

The soldiers later cross paths with Mamoru Itsuki and Yuri Kishida, two civilian survivors of a capsized fishing boat, in the woods. Takeaki shines his flashlight on the two, causing Yuri to cover herself and recoil from the harsh light. Misawa senses a supernatural presence in Yuri, but Mamoru orders him to turn off his light, as Yuri clearly doesn't like it. Suddenly, a red tsunami summoned by Mother washes over the island, separating the two pairs as quickly as they met.

While unconscious in the red flood, Takeaki experiences a nightmare. He finds himself in a room, and a telephone rings. He checks a small door in the room. Kneeling down, he opens the door and examines it, not realizing that a mud-soaked Harumi stands right behind him. Noticing Harumi behind him, Misawa wakes up screaming in shock.

Investigating the Bright Win, a ferry that disappeared in 1986 and mysteriously landed on Yamijima far from the shores, Yorito discusses their experience with the island, feeling as if he is in a dream. Takeaki semi-jokingly suggests that Yorito shoot himself in the head; if it really is a dream, then he will wake up, but if not, he will at least be free from Yamijima in death. Takeaki then turns around and shouts "BANG!", aiming his rifle directly at Yorito's head. Nagai is concerned about Takeaki's mental state, but their search is halted when they rediscover Yuri. Misawa aims his gun at her, but Nagai stops him from any attempt at shooting her, giving Yuri enough of an opening to escape. Takeaki runs off to chase her, leaving Yorito to fend for himself aboard the Bright Win.

Making his way to the Gold Mining Co. Housing, Misawa takes the last of the unmarked drugs. Now even more addled and confused than ever, he yells out Yorito's name with a smile, wondering where he is. Takeaki defends himself from a group of gun-wielding shibito and experiences a hallucination of Harumi in one of the apartments. Unable to access the room she is hiding in due to Hiroshi sniping at him, Takeaki manages to incapacitate his former comrade before entering "Harumi's" room, whereupon she transforms into a violent shibito-like creature. Frightened by the vision, he shoots at it, only for it to disappear. Shaken and more unstable than ever, he travels to the village harbour.

Takeaki Misawa is attacked by a shibito-like hallucination of Harumi Yomoda.

As the siren sounds during Mother's release, dozens of shiryo fly past Takeaki in order to confront their counterparts, the yamirei. Takeaki fights the shiryo barehanded in a blaze of drug-addled bravado, to unknown success. The yamirei take over Yamijima in a matter of hours, eliminating all shibito and re-converting their bodies into yamibito. In the ruins of a fort, Takeaki lies on the ground and looks up into the sky, able to see the real world like a reflection in a mirror. Misawa, still very high on the pills, finds a sort of comfort in the sight, and smiles. His rest is interrupted by the screams of Ichiko Yagura, a survivor of the Bright Win's disappearance, who has been cornered by a yamibito and cannot defend herself. Misawa saves the girl, and together they flee the ruins of the ferry.

In a safe location, Takeaki again senses another malevolent entity inside of Ichiko, noting that this one is stronger than what he felt in Yuri. Wondering just what Ichiko is, he shoots at her, scaring her. Yorito, also in the area, hears Misawa confront Ichiko, and shoots him in the stomach from behind to save her. Surprised, Misawa turns and stumbles over to his junior serviceman, and congratulates him on a "good shot". With his final breath, he grabs hold of Yorito and deliriously brags that he'll be the first to "wake up" from their supposed dream, before dropping dead.

Later, a yamirei possesses Misawa's body, turning him into a yamibito. In his resurrected state, Takeaki goes to the mineworks where he shoots at Soji Abe. Despite multiple near-hits and a consistent height advantage, the military yamibito is unsuccessful in killing Soji.

Takeaki Misawa, fully evolved into a Kou Yamibito, laughs at Yorito in their final confrontation.

Time passes, and he transforms into a Kou Yamibito, a natural step in male yamibito evolution. The Spider's Thread collapses, and Misawa confronts Yorito one last time on the school grounds. Takeaki taunts him by saying that he will put "this nightmare" to an end, to which Yorito angrily screams out his commander-turned-enemy's name. Both soldiers battle, wielding machine guns in their duel. After an arduous showdown, Yorito is victorious. Misawa fires his gun blindly as he falls, incapacitated. Despite the seeming peace, Ichiko returns to the servicemen, now fully possessed by Otoshigo, who transforms her body into a reflection of his own. Otoshigo begins rolling across the school ground, swallowing Misawa, putting a permanent end to his undead life.


Takeaki presents himself as a very serious person early on, but this is a facade; the things he saw while rescuing Harumi Yomoda from the ruins of Hanuda two years ago still haunt his dreams. Initially, he acts as any superior officer would towards his subordinate; he leads Yorito Nagai and gives him orders that will allow them to advance in certain moments, to the point of calmly handing Yorito a handgun and ordering him to dispatch his undead comrade. As his sanity falters and his unmarked pills take effect, Takeaki begins mocking Yorito's admissions of fear and uncertainty, eventually startling him by spinning around and pointing his loaded assault rifle in Yorito's face, his finger on the trigger.

Despite his unhinged personality and crumbling sanity, Takeaki's suspicions of Yuri Kishida and Ichiko Yagura being more than they appear prove to be completely correct (Yuri being one of Mother's doves, and "Ichiko" being an unknowing agent, and eventual physical embodiment, of Otoshigo). It is unclear whether Takeaki's hunches are the result of latent psychic power, a side-effect of his experience at Hanuda, or simple coincidence.

Item 25; Takeaki's I.D

57 Military P.R. Magazine




Mission 1

Mission 2



Gold Mining Co. Housing

Reach the road to Yamijima Harbour

Reunite with the girl



Yamijima Island/Fort Ruins #1

Keep Ichiko Yagura alive and Escape from Fort Ruins

Escape from Fort Ruins with Ichiko Yagura


"Smells fishy...even more than the other girl. What the hell are you?" - Sensing Otoshigo's presence in Ichiko before shooting at her

"Good shot." - After being shot by Yorito to protect Ichiko

"I guess I'll be the one waking up first...Sorry..." - last words before death

Quotes as a Kou Yamibito: 

"All that pain and suffering seems like a dream...I have to bring this whole nightmare to an end..." - Misawa confronting Yorito in his new form

"I'm feeling pretty good" 

"Why don't you like me?"

"Yo-ri-to! Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

"Having fun yet?"

"Hm, not bad at all."

"Okay, let's play."


  • At 38, Takeaki is the second-oldest playable character in Forbidden Siren 2. Shigeru Fujita is the oldest at age 52.
  • Takeaki is the only playable character to appear as a Kou Yamibito as an enemy.
    • He is also the only evolved yamibito in the main story who is not permanently destroyed by being stabbed with a Mekkoju branch.
  • Takeaki was promoted from Captain to Major during the two-year period between the Hanuda rescue operation and the Yamijima incident.
  • He is portrayed by Pierre Taki(ピエール瀧). He was appointed because he played the role of a soldier in the movie and was a skinhead.
  • Ironically, he was arrested for using cocaine in March 2019.
  • In an official interview, "Misawa's medicine is not prescribed in the hospital, but it is not a drug."