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Siren (サイレン, Sairen), known as Forbidden Siren in Europe and Australia, is a stealth-based survival horror video game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment's Japan Studio for the PlayStation 2 in 2003.


The game follows an episodic structure, gauged by the Link Navigator, which maps out the events chronologically over three days. Each row chronicles a different hour of the day, and each column represents a character. When a cell is highlighted, a scenario may be played using that character. Some entries are not playable scenarios, only being cutscenes and for this, several characters are not playable. At the start

of the game, the player has no control over which scenario to play as the game chooses automatically until a certain point is reached. After this, the player may choose freely.

European cover art

Japanese cover art

North American cover art


Forbidden Siren Trailer

Chinese cover art

Game disc (PAL)

Hints page of the manual to aid with puzzles.

Gameplay involves controlling a character to meet a known objective stated before play begins. This objective is commonly to reach a certain exit but can be a variety of things such as collecting a certain item or defeating a certain enemy. Moving is limited to running and walking, the latter of which is to reduce footstep noise. The character may or may not be accompanied by an NPC, it is dependant on the scenario. The mission fails if your character is killed or the NPC is killed, at which the player may continue from the last checkpoint or restart the level.

To interact with the environment, players must bring up a seperate sub-menu that contains context-sensitive actions such as 'Open door' or 'Pick up', though the option to 'Shout' is always available (to distract Shibito). The player may also examine any area using the action button, which may lead to the character commenting. Players can also crouch at anytime and can also walk while crouching, but very slowly. Every character is also equipped with a flashlight (unless the scenario is during daylight conditions) to see in the darkness, and to examine certain objects.

Link navigator

Flashlights are not limited in usage but can be switched off to avoid attracting the attention of the Shibito.

Action Sub-menu

Although stealth is heavily encouraged, a weapon system is implemented. Characters may begin a scenario with a weapon, obtain one during a scenario or lack one throughout. Players may use a quick attack of low power or a slightly longer 'charged' attack with higher power if using melee weapons. Some firearms are used too but only limited to pistols and rifles. Pistols hold varying amounts of ammunition but are usually very powerful. Rifles have lower ammo capacity but have an automatic zoom function for long distance firing. Ammo in the levels is extremely limited, encouraging the player to utilise stealth before weapons.

A unique feature in the game is the ability to 'Sightjack', in which a character can see through the perspective of nearby humans, including the Shibito. Sightjacking requires pressing a button and the screen becomes filled with static, requiring the player to use the analog stick as a tuning dial, until a clear view is achieved. Once locked into a perspective, the player may fix that perspective to one of the face buttons to avoid having to retune to it afterwards. The player can keep up to four different perspectives at one time. The aural and visual quality of the perpective depends upon the distance of the target, with the closer the target, the clearer the signal. While sightjacking, the character cannot move and is thus, vulnerable.


In-game map

Archive item

The in-game map displays the surrounding area and the player's directional orientation, though it does not indicate the player's current location (only the start and end points). Instead, the player has to distinguish where he is by orienting himself with certain landmarks on the map.

There are also miscellaneous items scattered throughout each scenario that give the player further insight into the story's background. Once obtained, these items are placed into a catalog called Archives and can be viewed at any time during the game.


Playable characters[]

Kyoya Suda · Student. 16 (1987-?). Visits Hanuda pursuing the legend of a mass-murderer. After being shot in the woods he is rescued by Hisako Yao.

Tamon Takeuchi · Professor. 32 (1971-?). Raised in Hanuda, lost his parents in 1976. Returns with Yoriko Anno seeking to discover the truth.

Shiro Miyata · Doctor. 27 (1976-2003). Separated twin of Kei Makino; awakens in the midst of a forest, with an empty grave in front of him...

Kei Makino · Priest. 27 (1976-2003). Shiro's separated twin; he's a priest of the local Mana religion, and is anxious about the upcoming ceremony.

Risa Onda · 21 (1982-2003). Visits Hanuda to see her twin sister Mina, she finds a strange house that appeared suddenly from the fog.

Reiko Takato · Teacher. 29 (1974-2003). Lost her daughter 2 years ago. She finds herself trapped in the school with Harumi Yomoda.

Harumi Yomoda · Student. 10 (1993-?). Lost her parents when lightning struck their car, she is the only resident who acted kindly to Miyako.

Naoko Mihama · Reporter. 28 (1975-2003). A big celebrity in Japan, she is both vain and ruthless. but also brave enough to fight her way out of the situation.

Akira Shimura · Hunter. 70 (1933-2003). He is well aware of the religious cult of the village, having lost friends and family, he vows to put a stop to it.

Tomoko Maeda · Student. 14 (1989-2003). Ran away from home because her parents read her diary, now she regrets it after being entangled in the events.

Non-Playable characters[]

Miyako Kajiro · Student. 14 (1989-2003). A blind girl raised to be the sacraficial lamb of a ceremony. Determined to escape that fate, she flees with her guide dog, Kereb.

Yoriko Anno · Student. 22 (1981-?). Tamon's student, harbours a big crush on her professor. She is tough personality but also fearful of the dire circumstances.

Hisako Yao · Priestess. ? (?-2003). Has been in Hanuda since many can remember. Appears very benevolent, but behind this is a sinister objective that she has yet to remember.

Tetsuo Ishida · Policeman. 24 (1979-2003). After winning a sake-tasting contest, he becomes severely intoxicated and assaults Kyoya, attempting to shoot him.

Ayako Kajiro · 16 (1987-2003). Miyako's sister, she detests her sister for the fact that the ceremony could bring negative consequences.

Jun Kajiro · 16 (1987-2003). Adoptive son of the Kajiro family, and husband of Ayako. Assists Hisako in her religious objective.

Maeda Takenobu and Maeda Mayumi. The parents of Tomoko Maeda, they are looking for their daughter.

Kereb · Guide dog. Kereb is literally her eyes due to the fact that Miyako can naturally Sightjack.


Main article: Shibito

The enemies of the game are the Shibito, undead subordinates who roam Hanuda, constructing a Nest for the corporeal form of Datatsushi when he is summoned. Shibito are basically humans who have been exposed to large amount of red water, which regenerates damaged tissue and heals injury, but to the point where their blood has been replaced with it. This gives their skin a very swollen, bluish hue due to their watery exposure and their eyes are characteristically crying blood. The Shibito can never be truly defeated, only rendered unconscious temporarily after sustaining a certain amount of damage.

They are sensitive to sound and will investigate suspicious sounds or footsteps. Once spotted, the Shibito will shout to attract other Shibito's attention and pursue the player, attempting to kill them either with a weapon or by strangulation. Most Shibito patrol on foot, but some are stationary and scan their surroundings with rifles like snipers. After a certain point in the game, other variants of Shibito will appear which are much less human and have varying strengths and weaknesses.

The Siren[]

The siren of the title is the call of Datatsushi, summoning the residents of Hanuda to immerse themselves in the red water, thus creating an army of subordinates called shibito (屍人 shibito?, lit. "corpse people"). The shibito then go about building a nest to house the corporeal form of Datatsushi once it is summoned, as well as killing and converting any living humans left in Hanuda. The story is told through the perspectives of ten survivors, some of whom are natives of Hanuda, and is presented out of chronological order over the three days in which the mystery takes place.

Full plot[]

Before the incident[]

Siren is set in a remote, rural Japanese mountain village named Hanuda (羽生蛇村 Hanyūda-mura), which is described as being very traditional and particularly xenophobic.

Kyoya, a highschool student interested in the paranormal arrived to Hanuda on his bike to investigate about a mass murder that happened many years ago, but his bike broke once he arrived. He then wandered the woods aimlessly, finding Miyako Kajiro, who was smashing Datatsushi's head. As night fell, he stumbled upon a ceremony.

Miyako smashing Datatsushi's head

Kyoya hidden in the woods watching the ritual (The day before; 23:11)

The ritual taking place

However, Jun Kajiro, who was in charge of the ritual saw him and Kyoya fled the scene, only for a drunken police officer (Tetsuo Ishida) to confront him, attempting to shoot him. In panic, Kyoya jumped into a car and mowed Tetsuo down, killing him. An earthquake broke out, and a siren rang through the night. The officer revived as a Shibito and shot Kyoya off the cliff.

Kyoya hiding from Tetsuo Ishida

Kyoya in a truck about to run over Tetsuo

Kyoya investigating Tetsuo's body (The day before; 23:59)

Day 1[]

Following the interruption of a ritual ceremony in the forest near midnight and a subsequent earthquake, the village teeters wildly between time and space, with an infinite sea of blood-red water in place of the usual surrounding mountains, the survivors fell unconscious for several hours.

Kyoya wakes up finding Hisako Yao who took him to the Irazu Valley church in Karuwari. Once there he hears screams and goes out to investigate, he finds Miyako again and accompanied her after she wished to evade her brother Jun. They both hid in the Tabori settlement (an abandoned house) during the night.

Kyoya meets Hisako (Day 1; 2:00)

Kyoya with Hisako in the Church, before Kyoya hearing a noise and going to investigate. (Day 1; 7:13)

Miyako running away with Kyoya after knocking Jun unconscious (Day 1; 8:10)

In the Hanuda elementary school, a young Teacher (Reiko Takato) and her student (Harumi Yomoda) are trapped, waiting for the principal (Eiji Nagoshi) to rescue them, but they find out that he has been killed and transformed into a Shibito, eventually they escape to Karuwari and stay there until the night.

Reiko Takato and Harumi Yomoda hiding in the school, waiting for the principal to come and rescue them (Day 1; 2:18)

Reiko fighting against the principal Eiji Nagoshi

Tamon hearing Harumi from Harayadori

Tamon Takeuchi (A folklore teacher from Tokyo university) and Yoriko Anno (one of his students who came to Hanuda with him) wake up and find that the town's people are now undead, Tamon tells Yoriko to stay in the place and don't move until he comes back and then goes to investigate. While he is out, Yoriko gets attacked by shibito and she runs off, but luckily she is saved by Akira Shimura (a local hunter who lost his family in a landslide 30 years ago), but Akira kills himself, leaving Yoriko alone and scared until Tamon shows up later that night.

Tamon with Yoriko in Harayadori (Day 1; 2:18)

Akira protecting Yoriko in Harayadori (Day 1; 16:53)

Tamon reunites with Yoriko in Hirunotsuka (Day 1; 20:41)

Shiro Miyata (Head of the Miyata clinic) wakes up in the middle of the woods in front of an empty grave, the grave he himself dug in order to bury the body of Mina Onda, his fiancée whom he himself killed after finding out she was pregnant, he manages to escape the forest and reach the town, where he finds Risa Onda, Mina's twin sister, who came to Hanuda looking for Mina. He then takes her to the Miyata clinic.

Shiro after waking up in Janokubi, in front of an empty grave (day 1; 3:31)

Shiro meeting Risa in Arato (Day 1; 7:22)

Shiro and Risa in the hospital. moments before seeing Mina (Day 1; 10:39)

Kei Makino (the local priest) was present during the ritual but got separated from the group, eventually he found Tomoko Maeda, a local student that ran out from home after a discussion with her parents, he accompanied her trying to take her back to town with her parents, but they got separated. Tomoko stayed hiding in the shrine while Kei reached the Miyata clinic where he met up with Shiro and Risa.

Kei and Tomoko in Hirunotsuka (Day 1; 12:00)

Tomoko hiding in the Mizuhiruko shrine, in Hirunotsuka (Day 1; 17:54)

Kei arriving at the Miyata clinic, meeting Shiro and Risa (Day 1; 19:14)

Tomoko eventually runs out from the shrine she was hidding and finds Hisako Yao, who also went out from the church to search for her when Tomoko's parents appeared in the church looking for her. However, on their way back to the church, Hisako remembers her mission and sends Tomoko into the Tabori house, where she is attacked and presumably killed. After that, she wanders through Karuwari until she arrives to the Irazu valley church, where she rencounters her parents, but she has become a shibito and scares her parents, saddened she runs off, however her parents soon go out to search for her, being eventually killed as well.

Tomoko's parents arrive to the church looking for Tomoko; (Day 1; 7:38)

Tomoko finds Hisako Yao after encountering Akira's corpse (Day 1; 21:27)

Tomoko arrives to the church and sees her parents

Meanwhile during the night in the Miyata clinic, Risa, who went out alone looking for Mina is attacked by her, she manages to escape and get help from Shiro and Kei, however, during their fight against Mina, Shiro runs out behind her trying to hunt her down, Mina manages to evade Shiro and attack Risa and Kei. After knocking Kei unconscious, she takes control of Risa's mind and dresses her as herself. Shiro, kills Risa and after finding the Miyako Kajiro from 1976 trapped in the secret basement of the Miyata clinic and recovering the Uryens from her, takes both Risa and Mina to do some experiments.

Risa encounters Mina in the hospital corridors (Day 1; 22:52)

Shiro saving Risa and Kei from Mina, moments before going after her (Day 1; 23:03)

Kei is rendered unconscious by Mina, who then attacks Risa. (Day 2; 00:17)

Mina linking her mind to Risa's

Shiro strangles Risa (Day 2; 00:49)

Shiro discovers Akira Shimura's son's body

Shiro discovers the Miyako Kajiro from 1976 trapped in the secret basement, who gives him the Uryens

The Uryen

Risa after being dissected by Shiro (Day 2; 4:44)

Reiko and Harumi hiding in Karuwari (Day 1; 23:45)

On Karuwari, Reiko Takato and Harumi hide on a shaft until they hear noises, they notice that the Shibito are gathering materials to build some kind of structure. While there, Reiko lights some lights that free the Kiruden (a mystical force contrary to Datatsushi that will help the survivors later).

Hearing the approaching shibito, Reiko tells Harumi to hide on a cart, but a shibito takes it and before they can discover Harumi, Reiko sacrifices herself giving Harumi time to escape, Harumi wanders alone and enters the Tabori house, where she hids inside a closet.

Reiko Takato lighting the 4 lamps in Karuwari and releasing the spirit of the Kiruden

Reiko tells Harumi to hide in a cart

Reiko about to sacrifice herself in order to save Harumi.

Day 2[]

During the night Miyako mingled her blood with Kyoya's via their palms. Shibito invaded the home shortly after so the pair escaped, eventually reaching Janokubi Valley, there Jun appeared and shot Kyoya off a cliff. Hisako, having remembered her real purpose, arrived on the scene and abducted Miyako, who takes her to the nest (a special place the shibito are building to receive their god Datatsushi).

Kyoya and Miyako in the Tabori house (day 2; 1:11)

Hisako Yao receives the head of Datatsushi in Harayadori from her future self (Day 2; 6:44)

Kyoya being shot by Jun in Janokubi (Day 2; 9:57)

Yoriko is shot by someone and Tamon runs off trying to hunt down their attacker, who turns out to be the reanimated Akira Shimura, a friend of Tamon's parents, Tamon hunts him down. However, when he returns to Yoriko, she is not there anymore, and he goes serching for her.

Yoriko and Tamon having a moment together in Janokubi just before being shot (Day 2; 10:29)

Yoriko with Tamon after being shot by Akira; then Tamon leaves her in order to hunt down Akira.

Tamon remembers Akira Shimura

Kyoya fell unconscious and was recovered by Shiro, along with Yoriko. Transfusing Kyoya's blood into Yoriko's body and thus preventing her into turning into a shibito. After that, they both exit the hospital and head to the nest, in order to rescue Miyako and prevent the ritual to take place. Shortly after, Tamon arrives at the clinic looking for Yoriko, but she had already left, he finds her glasses and then heads for the nest as well.

Kyoya - Yoriko.jpg
Kyoya with Yoriko.jpg

Tamon finds Yoriko's glasses within the Miyata clinic

Harumi hidding in a closet within the Tabori house wakes up hearing some laughs, but when he peeks out of the wardrobe she finds out the Maeda family, now as shibito. She exits the house only to encounter her teacher Reiko now as a shibito as well, she manages to escape from them all and indirectly enters the shibito nest, where she wanders unnoticed.

Harumi wakes up and finds the Maeda family, now as shibito within the Tabori house

Harumi encounters Reiko Takato, now as a shibito when she was about to exit the Tabori house

Harumi alone, wandering through the shibito nest

Kyoya and Yoriko entered the Nest and reached the core where Hisako Yao performs the ritual and Datatsushi is reborn. During its ressurection, Kei Makino and Tamon Takeuchi arrive, but the structure collapses and they are all separated. Kyoya, Tamon and Kei fell in the same place, Kyoya and Tamon team up in order to fight Datatsushi but left Kei behind due to him being unconscious.

Miyako being sacrificed

Datatsushi being reborn after the ritual

Kyoya and Tamon within the nest

Day 3[]

Kei eventually wakes up and finds Shiro, who also entered the shibito nest. Shiro kills Kei and takes his clothes, impersonating him, then he encounters Kyoya and gives him one of the Uryen. After that he exists the nest.

Kei and Shiro, meeting for the last time. (Day 3; 7:42)

Shiro dressed up as Kei Makino

Shiro disguised as Kei gives the Uryen to Kyoya (Day 3; 9:48)

Shiro goes to Harayadori where he recovers some explosives that were hidden within a well then he goes to the Gojaku peak and uses the explosives to blow up the dam that keeped the Mana river controled, with the dam being destroyed, the river floods Hanuda and destroys the shibito nest.

Shiro then encounters the fallen shibito, the reanimated corpses of the villagers from 1976, he uses the Uryen to free them and then he sacrifices himself, reuniting with Mina and Risa.

Shiro enters the well where the military hid some explosives

Shiro at the dam, after destroying it with the explosives

Shiro with the fallen shibito, on the river bed

Shiro uses the Uryen to free the failed shibito from their suffering

Mina and Risa calling for Shiro witihn the Uryen's flames

Shiro throws himself to the flames in order to reunite with Mina and Risa

Datatsushi being killed by the sun's light after the nest gets destroyed

Within the nest, the flood that Shiro causes destroys the structure and the light of the sun kills Datatsushi, however he is not defeated yet. The flood takes Kyoya to the Mana pool (the place where Miyako was sacrificed) and there Miyako guides Kyoya to the Inferno (The alternate dimension where Datatsushi's spirit dwells).

There Hisako returns him to live, but Kyoya, using the Uryen and the Homuranagi (the Kajiro family's sword) embedden with the power of the Kiruden, manages to decapitate Datatsushi, causing a collapse in the space-time and returning to the alternate dimension of Hanuda.

Kyoya sees Miyako's reflection within the Mana pool

Miyako helps Kyoya enter Inferno through the Mana pool

Hisako in front of Datatsushi's dead body, about to reanimate it

Datatsushi in the inferno after being ressucitated by Hisako

Kyoya about to decapitate Datatsushi

Hisako with Datatsuhi's head in her arms, falls into a spacetemporal vortex, going back in time and giving Datatsushi's head to herself from the past


Time and space begin to tumble after Datatsushi's death. During the tremors, Harumi gets attacked by school director Eiji Nagoshi, but Reiko Takato saves her. Falling with Eiji into a pit, Harumi falls unconscious. Later, she wanders through the streets and gets rescued by Takeaki Misawa, a member of the Japanese self defence force that's on a rescue mission in Hanuda.

Reiko saves Harumi from Eiji Nagoshi

Harumi wanders through the remnants of Hanuda while hellicopters fly in the sky

Harumi gets rescued by the Japanese Self Defence Force

Tamon, still in the remains of the shibito nest, finds his way to the Takeuchi house. Here he encounters his parents, who are now failed shibito that escaped Shiro's purgation. Tamon, due to his contact with the red water, has already started becoming a shibito and sees them as the people they once were. They stay there cuddling with one another until Yoriko appears, apparently saving Tamon and taking him with her.

Tamon and not-so human parents.png
Tamon and Failed Parents.png
Yoriko - Tamon 6.jpg

Kyoya, due to his exposure to the Red Water, is unable to return to the real world; he stays in Hanuda, using the Uryen to slay the remnants of the shibito that he encounters. Ironically, Kyoya was the perpetrator who massacred the villagers in the legend that brought him to Hanuda in the first place.

At the end credits, Kyoya is alone, wandering the desolate village, trapped in the underworld.

Kyoya Homuranagi.jpg
Kyoya Uriyen.jpg

Kyoya wanders through Hanuda



Rather than employ traditional facial animation methods with polygonal transformation, images of real human faces were captured from eight different angles and superimposed onto the character models. This eerie effect is similar to projecting film onto the blank face of a mannequin, a technique used to animate a severed head in Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction.

Making of.jpg

Siren's making of

Making of 3.jpg

Silent Hill connection[]

The most notable aspect of Siren's development is that it was co-conceived and directed by Keiichirō Toyama, who had previously directed the original Silent Hill. Other former members of Team Silent, Naoko Satō and Isao Takahashi, also had critical roles in Siren's creation.

Team silent.jpg
Team Siren.jpg


Youtube Gameplay by Mitsuyoshi Shinoda (Kyoya Suda's actor)


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