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Shijin Edo

屍仁 江戸

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Vital statistics
Title Shijin Edo
Gender Male
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Age Unknown
Allies Shibito
Voiced by Kiyohito Edo (江戸 清仁)

Shijin Edo (江戸 屍仁 Edo Shijin?) is a minor character in Forbidden Siren 2 and one of the first enemies encountered in the game.


Before going to Yamijima[]

Shijin is a fisherman working at Sanzu Harbour, the same harbour Ikuko Kifune works.

His first appearance is through a photo Mamoru Itsuki took of the harbour moments before going to Yamijima. In the picture he appears with Yuri Kishida, who somehow convinces him about taking her to Yamijima.

Yuri possibly thought about using him in order to open the 7 gates and free Mother from the underworld, but the red tsunami made their boat capsize and Shijin drowned.

Item 88; With Yuri and Shijin on the background

A photo image of Mamoru Itsuki taken at Sanzu Harbour. 
The picture was taken by pointing the camera at himself, and shows a girl in a red cardigan and a fisherman with a vacuous expression on his face in the background.

In Yamijima[]

He is one of the first persons to be revived by the Shiryo into a shibito after the incident, the others being Hiroshi Okita and Ryuhei Mikami. Mamoru encounters him shortly after waking up in Yamijima's harbour, who manages to past through him without being noticed. Then he appeas again assaulting Mamoru after he encounters Yuri.

Mamoru Itsuki observes Shijin being reanimated (aprox -3:50)

Mamoru fights Shijin after encountering Yuri


He is later seen by Soji Abe and Shu Mikami at the fort ruins, then It's unclear what happened with him, he probably roamed the island converting all the remaining villagers into shibitos, and once the Yamirei escape from the underworld, he is probably killed and converted in a Yamibito.

Soji Abe encounters him again in the Yamijima Gold mine during the last hours of the day, fully converted into a Yamibito.

Soji Abe fighting Shijin Edo within the fort ruins (aprox -3:47)

Shijin Edo as a Yamibito against Soji Abe in the Gold dredge (22:59)


His name is a direct reference to Kiyohito Edo (江戸 清仁), the actor who incarnates both him and Tetsuo Ishida in Forbidden Siren (also being the first corpse to be reanimated into a shibito).

His role is also very similar to Tetsuo Ishida in Forbidden Siren: They both are one of the first characters to turn a shibito (The others being Hiroshi Okita, Ryuhei Mikami and Mina Onda) and they both roam the village killing and turning into shibitos everyone they encounter. They also encounter in various occasions the main characters (Kyoya Suda / Soji Abe and Mamoru Itsuki) and even provide them with a gun at the last moments of the adventure.

Mamoru encounters a bowl of Turle Jelly Noodles after waking up in Yamijima (Item 14); it's possible that those noodles were from Shijin and that he was eating just before before the tsunami hit them. Interestingly, Tetsuo Ishida is also one of the only characters that is seen eating in the series.

Item 14; Turtle Jelly Noodles

Item 22; Hanuda Noodles