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Shigeru Fujita

茂 藤田

Vital statistics
Title Shigeru Fujita
Gender Male
Nationality {{{nationality}}}
Age 52 (3 / 12 / 1933 - 1985)
Abilities Sightjacking
Weapon Nambu .38 Calibre Revolver
Allies Ichiko Yagura
Voiced by Hisakatsu Murakami (村上久勝)

Shigeru Fujita (藤田 茂 Fujita Shigeru?) is a playable character in Forbidden Siren 2.

A down on his luck police officer who was born and raised on Yamijima Island, before moving to the mainland to raise a family. Before the events of the game, in 1986, he requests a transfer back to his home-town to investigate the rumors and reports of strange sightings, such as a young woman being sighted on the supposedly desolate island.


Before going to Yamijima[]

Fujita, a native of Yamijima, breaks the island's ancient tradition that those who are born on Yamijima live out their whole lives there, dreaming of success in life and becoming a policeman. He joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department at a young age after he completed the police academy in Tokyo.

However, his personality has led him to get involved in trouble since his youth, and 3 months ago (more accurately, 3 May 19 years ago - three months before the mass disappearance of Yamijima islanders) he allowed a burglary suspect to escape, causing him to be demoted to sergeant and receive a pay cut (prior to this, he was a lieutenant).

Item 49; Shigeru’s Apology Letter

To: The Chief of Police

On May 3rd, 1986, in the course of investigating a burglary, a poor 
decision on my part led to a suspect’s escape. 

I deeply regret that my actions not only hindered the investigation, 
but also tarnished the department’s public image. In future, I will do 
everything possible to ensure that this will never happen again.

Please note that I will understand if any reprimand should be required 
for my error in judgement. 

May 4th, 1986
Shigeru Fujita, Assistant Police Inspector

Item 61; Letter from Asako to Shigeru Fujita

Dad, I understand you’re being transferred somewhere close to your 
hometown. I wanted to let you know that Mom and I are staying right 
here. We won’t be going with you. 

I guess that won’t really bother you, because “the job” always comes 
first, doesn’t it? Work is all you ever think about. It’ll never go 
as well as it does in the cop shows, you know. You need to get your 
head out of the clouds. It seems you don’t belong in your workplace 

Poor Mom’s worrying so much and working so hard she’s becoming ill…

I’ve decided not to go to college. Instead, I’m going to get a job 
so we won’t have to depend on you.


Furthermore, due events he is demoted and sent to Yamijima's Chuuu Peninsula, living alone and away from his family. However, despite constantly getting into trouble and sticking his nose into things better left alone, Fujita is unable to change his personality and decides to conduct a solo investigation of Yamijima, his hometown which he has been interested in for some time.

In actuality, since he was born and raised on Yamijima, Fujita knows the legends and customs passed down there, and vaguely suspects that there are "impurities" (Shiryo) around. Since his father's funeral (in 1970), Fujita has not returned to the island and become distanced from his hometown, but from the testimony of the arsonist who burned down Yamijima Elementary and Middle School in 1975 (archive [No.048] Shikai News), and the mass vanishing of the islanders and cutting of the undersea cable the following year in 1976 (archive [No.009] Shikai News), he suspects that the "impurities" have something to do with it.

Item 32; Shigeru's notebook

1951	Left Yamijima Island alone. Mother passed away the following year. 
1970	Yamijima harbour shut down. Father passes away the same year. 
Never returned to Yamijima Island since then.
1975	Yamijima Grade/Middle School burned down.
1976	massive power outage due to severed undersea cable. Mass 
disappearance of Yamijima Island residents. For reasons of safety, Yamijima 
Island closed off to visitors.
1986	Rumour among the fishermen that a young woman was spotted on the island.

…Rumour needs to be investigated.

In Yamijima[]

(At -8:00) crosses to Yamijima by boat (that's why he isn't caught in the red tsunami) and goes to Going by this he heads for the island and encounters "impurities", seeing the lights of the Bright Win (through a warp in spacetime) and heads deeper again into the island. Due to his unwarranted meddling, Fujita ends up becoming trapped in the Reflected World.

He is within the Gold mine on the island when the blood-red tidal wave hits, and is caught up in the events.

After becoming stuck in the illusionary Yamijima, Fujita discovers Ichiko Yagura on the Bright Win, using his knowledge of his hometown to his advantage in an attempt to escape by boat.

Shigeru after finding himself isolated in Yamijima (-5:26)


Shigeru decides to investigate the ferry

He rescues Ichiko Yagura from a horde of shibito on-board the Bright Win, then they take shelter in Ryuhei Mikami's house and decide to leave the island by boat.

Shigeru in the Bright Win ferry (aprox 1:20)

Ichiko within the Bright Win, trying to contact with Shigeru Fujita

Ichiko 4.jpg

Shigeru and Ichiko in Ryuhei's house (2:49) 

Ichiko 5.jpg

Shigeru and Ichiko then head for the fort ruins, where there was a boat they could use in order to escape the island, but once there they encounter Tsuneo Ohta, who recognizes Shigeru, and dies shortly after only to come back as a shibito.

They try to avoid him within the ruins but to no avail, Tsuneo ends up finding them, and after knocking down Shigeru heads for Ichiko, but then he runs away scared to see Otoshigo through Ichiko's appearance.

They remain in the ruins until the siren sounds, then Ichiko, possessed by Otoshigo stabs repeatedly Shigeru to death, at this moment he sees Ichiko as his daughter, Asako. This is the girl he has recklessly risked his life to save. In the end, seeming to give up, and cursing his bad luck once more he accepts his tragic end.

Shigeru 3-1.jpg

Shigeru encounters Tsuneo Ohta in the fort ruins (5:14)

Ohta vs Shigeru.jpg

Shigeru watches Ichiko approach him with a knife (5:54)

Shigeru being stabbed by Ichiko

Shigeru's last words

He is later resurrected as a shibito, appearing at the Amusement park after Mamoru Itsuki and Ikuko Kifune return from the underworld, he is possessed by Ikuko who utilizes him to neutralize the other shibito and the park. He is about to hunt them down when he is attacked by a bunch of Yamirei, then he turns into a Yamibito.

Shigeru as a shibito in the amusement park

Shigeru as a shibito, attacked by Yamirei

Shigeru shibito 3.jpg

Shigeru Fujita as a Yamibito

As a Yamibito he climbs the tower in order to reach the real world, but on the way up he is destroyed by Ikuko with the Mekkoju branch reserved for him at birth, thus freeing his soul.

Shigeru as a Yamibito facing Ikuko Kifune

Shigeru yamibito 2.jpg
Shigeru yamibito 3.jpg



Shigeru protecting Ichiko from Tsuneo Ohta after he wakes up as a shibito in the fort ruins (5:14)

He seems to have drawn the short straw in life, though he is a good and passionate man his efforts all end fruitlessly. He refuses to give up however many times he fails, as seen by the letter that her daughter Asako sends him, and still wanting to go to Yamijima.

He doesn't hesitate to protect those who need help, he is also very credulous, like when he allowing a thief he caught to flee, believing that he would give himself to the police after seeing his parents. His confidence in others causes him first to be demoted and in the end, even killed.

Similarities with Akira Shimura[]

  • They are the older playable characters in the game (70 / 52).
  • Both carry firearms from the very beginning (Hunting rifle / Handgun).
  • They both protect some girl at some point, and meet their death in front of them (Yoriko Anno / Ichiko Yagura)
  • Both are the first playable character to die.
  • They also encounter and remember someone they met from the village (Tamon Takeuchi / Tsuneo Ohta)
  • They both feel like they have failed those they love (Akira's wife and son / Asako).
  • They both return to live as a shibito and eventually evolve (Fly Shibito / Yamibito).

Shigeru recognizes Tsuneo Ohta

Akira recognizes Tamon

Shigeru as a Yamibito

Akira as a Fly Shibito


Interesting facts[]

  • He vanished in August 1986 whilst patrolling Yamijima, the same year the Bright Win ferry dissapeared.
  • Shigeru's letter of apology (item 49) was written by Siren 2's producer Takafumi Fujisawa. Having in a way the most distinguished person write a letter of apology.


  • -8:00 - Crosses to Yamijima on boat. Disembarks on rocks near fort ruins
  • -5:00 - Encounters Shiryo at processing plant. Sees lights of grounded ship reflected into the Other World by the fold in time
  • 0:00 - Siren. Swept away in red tsunami and loses consciousness
  • 1:00 - Regains consciousness. Sneaks into grounded boat and protects Ichiko
  • 2:00 - Escapes from boat and rests. Plagued by masochistic thoughts
  • 7:00 - Turns into Shibito
  • 8:00 - Whilst roaming around Yamijima Amusement Park, Shibito Fujita is eaten by Yamirei pouring forth from beneath the ground
  • 9:00 - Turns into Yamibito. Seeking darkness, heads for Mt. Shinari (pylon)
  • 20:00 - Yamibito Fujita is destroyed using Mekkoju engraved with his name