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Riko Azuma

リコ 東

Riko azuma.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Singer
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Age Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Allies Unknown
Voiced by Eriko Azuma

Riko Azuma (東 リコ Azuma Riko?) is a character mentioned in Forbidden Siren 2.


She is actually the younger sister of Eri Azuma. When her sister died in a tragic car accident on her way to the Annual Music Awards ceremony, Riko picked up the mantle and debuted with her single, "The Passion of Mendoza".

Before she could reach her American debut and international fame, however, she immediately notified her fans about her engagement and retirement. Surprising enough, her husband was the very man who ran over her sister – the two had grown close after his numerous visits to the Azuma household to offer his apologies.

Riko now spends her days as a mother, raising her child and hitting the dance floor. She is best remembered for her hit, "Azteca Queen", which topped the charts for 13 consecutive weeks.


Forbidden Siren 2 Soundtrack- Azteca Queen

Azteca Queen - Soundtrack

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  • Riko Azuma's album in the Siren movie

    She and her sister Eri Azuma are based on Eriko Azuma, sound director and sound effects director of Siren.[1]
  • The man she married ended both her career and her sister's musical career.
  • Eri Azuma's album appear in the 2006 live-motion movie of Siren.