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Omito Takeuchi

臣人 竹内

Omito Takeuchi.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Local historian
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Age 34 (1942-1976)
Abilities Unknown
Weapon None
Allies Takeuchi family
Voiced by Masaki Tachi (舘正貴)

Omito Takeuchi [1] (臣人 竹内) is the husband of Yoshiko Takeuchi and father of Tamon Takeuchi who appears in Siren.


Prior to the events in Siren[]

He was a devout follower of the local Mana religion from Hanuda, learning many of the Kajiro family secrets during his study of the village, writing a book about the village's history up to the coming of Datatsushi. He and his son were good friends with Akira and Koichi Shimura, both families sharing a strong, hereditary "sixth sense", seeing things others couldn't.

Tamon with his parents shortly before the landslide in Arato (1976, 23:59)

Omito Takeuchi's mana cross, found by Risa Onda in the Tabori settlement

Omito and his wife were victims of the 1976 landslide, being sucked into the Other World and turning into half Shibito with only Tamon being spared.

Item 80; Omito's writings about Hanuda's religion

Item 80 (Part 2)

Item 26; History of the Kajiro family

Kyoya Suda finds Tamon's parents grave in Karuwari (Day 1; aprox 8:10)

Tamon acquires the picture of his parents from Akira Shimura (Day 2; aprox. 10:29)

Akira Shimura with Tamon's parents

Forbidden Siren[]

After the landslide, the Takeuchis rejected the call of the siren and remained at the bottom of the dam for 27 years as failed Shibito, no longer recognisable as humans.

Despite being in separate dimensions, Tamon's special abilities mean that he can still hear his father calling to him.

Tamon's parents (lower left corner) escaping from the Uryen's flames (Day 3; 18:40)

When Shiro Miyata blows up the floodgates on Day 3, he uses his half of the Uryen to destroy the failed Shibito trapped there and free them from their suffering. Omito and his wife escape, returning to their house. They are later found here by Tamon, who sees them as they were when they were humans due to the symptoms of his becoming a Shibito, and the three reunite for the first time in 27 years. Yoriko Anno soon turns up with a baseball bat, taking Tamon with her.

Tamon after waking up from the flood and hearing his parent's voice (Day 3; 22:13)

Tamon finally reunites with his parents, unaware that they are Failed Shibito in Arato (Day 3; 23:56)

Tamon's parents, as seen by him

Tamon with his parents

The Takeuchi family, reunited (Day 4; 4:44)

Yoriko Anno beating Tamon's parents

Siren 2[]

Omito also appears as a minor character in the sequel, Siren 2, as a friend of archaeologist Ryuhei Mikami, with whom he regularly communicates. He sends his friend a letter after the death of his wife in 1973, offering he and his wife's assistance should Mikami need it.

Siren 2; Item 24: Omito's Letter to Ryuhei Mikami

Dear Mikami,'I was shocked to learn of your wife's passing and can only express my belated but heartfelt condolences for your

tragic loss.

I have come to realise the reason why you sold your home in Tokyo and decided to settle down in Yamijima Island. I'm sure that she will appreciate the fact that you wish to continue your research near the sea that claimed her life.

Raising young Shu on your own is not likely to be an easy task. The distance between our mutual residences means that we shall only be able to meet at the occasional study conference held every few years. However, please note that my wife and I will be happy to be of any help, so please do not hesitate to write.

Once again, my deepest condolences.
Our prayers go with you.

April 7, 1973 - Omito Takeuchi


  • Omito's name is incorrectly given as "Omihito" in overseas versions of the games.
  • Omito is portrayed by Masaki Tachi, who also serves as the actor for Tamon Takeuchi.
  • Both Omito and his wife appear in the Manga Siren: ReBIRTH.

Omito with Koichi Shimura in Siren: ReBIRTH.

Tamon with his parents during the landslide

Tamon hears his parents shortly after the incident