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Noriko Kifune

倫子 木船

Noriko kifune.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Student / Housewife
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Age 14 (1986)
Abilities Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Allies Unknown
Voiced by Naomi Horikawa

Noriko Kifune (木船 倫子 Kifune Noriko?) is a minor character featured in Forbidden Siren 2. She was the best friend of Ichiko Yagura, and mother of Ryuko and Ikuko Kifune.


Noriko Kifune and Ichiro Nakajima within the Bright Win (1986)

Noriko was the sole survivor of the Bright Win incident. She was impregnated by her boyfriend Ichiro Nakajima at the age of 14.

Ichiro was gone missing from said event, due to her love for him, Noriko decided to become the mother of twins at a young age. However, since raising her 2 daughters in her midteens would be near impossible, she left Ikuko in the care of relatives and lived with Ryuko.

Noriko is unaware that the essence of an Offshoot (Mother's avatar) has entered her daughters, and therefore cannot recognize Ryuko Tagawa as her own child.


Both her surname (Kifune 木船 - Wooden Boat) and Ichiro Nakajima's surname (Nakajima 中島 - Central Island) are puns for Yamijima Island and the Bright Wing Ferry respectively.