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Howard Wright

ハワード・ライト Hawādo Raito

Vital statistics
Title Howard Wright
Gender Male
Nationality American
Age 18 (born July 30, 1989)
Abilities Sightjack
Weapon Doublebarelled Shotgun
Sawnoff Shotgun
Allies Amana (First Timeline), Miyako, Sam Monroe (Second Timeline), Bella Monroe (Second Timeline), Seigo Saiga (Second Timeline)
Voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese)
Yuri Lowenthal (English)

Howard Wright (ハワード・ライト Hawādo Raito?) is the main protagonist of Siren: Blood Curse and one of the many playable characters. He is an American high schooler that has been living in Japan with his family for a little over a year.


Before the Hanuda incident[]

Wright Rider[]

Howard Wright was born in America on July 30th 1989. Howard is an 18 year-old high school student with an interest in the supernatural. Howard starts a blog to practice his Japanese, as well as to keep in touch with his friends in America. At the end of May, he achieved in gaining his motorcycle license, and soon after, he was given a bike handed down from his friend's brother.

Howard's blog first entry (Thursday 31, May 2007), at 22:28

Howard's first entry's comments

Howard's blog second entry (Thursday 31, May 2007); 23:12

Howard's second entry's comments

On his blog, he explains that he hid his email address due to being spammed with messages about going to a village called Hanuda and saving a "damsel in distress". He continues to be spammed, being invited to ride out in the middle of nowhere, and at the same time, his father received calls from someone claiming to be his grandson. (Howard notes that he's an only child, so this possibility was preposterous.)

While being involved with a website that specificies in supernatural myths and legends, he was sent an email from Sam Monroe – the email served as an invitation to Japan’s legendary town of Hanuda, which was said to have disappeared in 1976. Almost confused by Sam’s prophetic-like speech about fate, and that he has waited a long time to give him this message, Howard still decides to visit Hanuda.

Howard's blog, 3rd entry (Friday 1, June 2007); 23:15

Howard's blog, 4th entry (Saturday 2, June 2007); 21:46

Howard's blog 5th entry (Saturday 9, June 2007); 17:15

Howard's blog 6th entry (Tuesday 12, June 2007); 18:13

Howard's blog 7th entry (Monday 18, June 2007); 18:13

Howard's blog 8th entry (Wednesday 4, July 2007); 21:52

Howard's blog 9th entry (Thursday 5, July 2007); 21:52

Howard's blog 10th entry (Saturday 7, July 2007); 17:15

Howard's blog 11th entry (Friday 20, July 2007); 23:07

Howard's blog 12th entry (Sunday 29, July 2007); 17:15

Howard's blog 13th entry (Wednesday 1, August 2007); 00:33

Howard's blog 14th entry (Thursday 2, August 2007); 06:22

Howard's blog 15th entry (Thursday 2, August 2007); 13:14

Howard's blog 16th entry (Thursday 2, August 2007); 15:51

Howard's blog last entry (Thursday 2, August 2007); 17:49

Howard's last entry's comments

After arriving Hanuda[]

Upon arriving in the mysterious village, he witnesses the murder of a girl at the hands of a masked Seigo Saiga in a religious ceremony. The murder was part of a religious sacrificial ritual in order to resurrect the alien god Kaiko. Just before Seigo could kill a second girl, Miyako Kajiro, Howard interrupted the ritual in person and allowed Miyako to escape before fleeing from the religious group. His actions are witnessed by an american TV crew consisting of Melissa Gale and Sol Jackson, alongside Sam Monroe and Bella Monroe.

A blurry Howard intervenes and saves Miyako Kajiro from being sacrificed

The american tv crew recording Howard's intervention

Howard loses his cap while running away

Howard looking for help

While running away, Howard is attacked by police sergeant, Shuji Shimada, who has turned into a shibito and proceeds to shoot at him. Eventually, the policeman is defeated after being impaled, and as Howard tries to figure out what to do, the siren is first heard, catching him off-guard. The policeman is resurrected with the wooden spike still through him, and shoots Howard in the chest, causing the student to fall off the road and into the depths of a lake. 

Howard encounters Shuji Shimada, who shoots at him on sight

Howard encounters dead bodies within the Tabori house while escaping from Shuji Shimada

Howard hides within a wardrove to escape from Shuji Shimada

Howard beating Shuji with a shovel

Shuji after waking up from the beating

Shuji Shimada shooting Howard down a bridge

After the Hanuda incident[]

First Timeline[]

Howard wakes up beside the lake, and realizes that his gunshot wound has mysteriously healed. Walking around in a dazed confusion, the priestess Amana finds him and asks if he is alright. Howard recognizes the symbol on her robes as the same symbol presented in the ceremony, and tells her to stay away. Amana informs Howard that she is not involved with the ceremony and reveals to him that they now have the power to Sightjack – they are can see through the eyes of others.

Using this ability, the two make their way through a market place occupied by shibito. Howard points out to Amana that the people in the ceremony killed a girl and were about to kill another one (Miyako), though Amana protests in saying that they are good people. Suddenly, a Fly Shibito abducts her, leaving Howard on his own.

Howard after waking up

Howard encounters Amana

Amana taking Howard to a place full of Shibitos

Howard following Amana

Howard and Amana being preyed by a fly shibito

Howard alone, after Amana has been abducted by a Fly shibito

Some time later, he meets Miyako and remembers that she is the girl that he saved in the ceremony. Seigo Saiga appears after following Miyako, and tells Howard that “This girl is cursed, you know. She needs to be sacrificed.” Howard is aware that Seigo was the mask-wearing man who killed the other girl. Miyako protests against Seigo wanting her to die. Seigo decides to leave Miyako and Howard on their own, telling them that they can’t fight fate.

Howard encounters Miyako Kajiro

Seigo Saiga encounters Miyako and Howard

Seigo faces Howard

Seigo adverts Miyako about fate and leaves

Miyako seduces Howard

Howard and Miyako during their way to the Tabori settlement

After some travelling, the two manage to rest at the Tabori residence for a few hours. While Howard is asleep, Miyako cuts both of their palms and allows their blood to meld with each-other, thus preventing him from turning into a shibito. A noise is heard, prompting them to figure out that shibito have invaded the house. They fight off the shibito family that dwell in the house and escape the settlement.

Miyako passes her blood to Howard while he sleeps

A shibito sneaks into the house while Howard sleeps

Howard ito.jpg

Howard and Miyako watches Kaiko's signal in the sky

Journeying through a nearby mineshaft, Miyako is shot by a sniper shibito, hurt she ask him to stay with her, that she wants to live and see whats outside the village. Howard promises her that they will escape together, then goes to deal with the sniper. The sniper, who is really Seigo Saiga as a shibito after killing himself with his shotgun, retreats into the mines, Howard follows him and encounters some Spider shibitos.

There he manages to find a shotgun, thereby giving enough firepower to match Shibito Seigo’s. He modifies the weapon by shortening the barrel, which helps him by reducing the stock of the gun. Using this weapon, he defeats a tentacle-headed Shibito Brain, rendering all Spider Shibito in the area unconscious and allows him to retrieve a key that activates a siren near the mineshaft. With the siren blaring, Shibito Seigo is fooled into thinking he is being summoned by Kaiko and exits the mines, only to be defeated by Howard.

Howard tries to introduce himself while Miyako watches the sky

Miyako after being shot, Howard promises her that he will save her

Howard passes by Seigo Saiga with a mining cart

Howard shooting at the shibito brain within the mines

Howard after sawing off his shotgun

Howard initiates the Siren, making Seigo come out and gunning him down

Howard returns to Miyako

Returning with Miyako, he is confronted by Amana, who has regained her memories since the last time Howard saw her. She is determined to start the ritual again, so she sets Howard on fire, who falls off of the pathway and takes Miyako with her.

In a dream, Miyako comes to his aid on a riverbank and tells him that everything is alright and that they must go. However, Howard is quick to wake up, and though he is at a riverbank, Miyako is nowhere within sight. Miyako’s presence is felt by him through their blood connection, and tries to find her.

Amana sets Howard on fire and takes Miyako with her

Howard dreams about Miyako

Howard wakes up alone

Drawn to the Nest by Miyako’s voice, Howard makes his way past many shibito, even knocking out an insect-headed Shibito Brain and being shot at by Shibito Seigo Saiga again. Eventually, he finds Miyako’s body preserved on a ceremonial pool of red water. As he tries to reach her, he is sent flying back by the force of a tentacle of Kaiko’s.

Howard hears Miyako's voice into the nest

Howard about to attack a shibito brain during his journey through the shibito nest

Howard fighting Seigo Saiga in the rooftops

Howard finds Miyako's Mana cross

Howard finds the Mirror pool, where Miyako lies, shortly after being attacked by Kaiko

Howard being attacked by Kaiko, shortly before losing consciousness

Regaining consciousness, Howard is forced to run from a Maggot Shibito, and evades it long enough to reach a tower that is parallel to the roofs of buildings connected to the Nest. Once off the tower and onto the roofs, a Spider Shibito Sam Monroe immediately appears. Fighting him off, though unaware of who the Shibito is, Howard progresses through the Nest until he makes his way to a seemingly abandoned building.

Howard regains consciousness and finds himself in front of the nest

Howard encounters Sam Monroe, who is now a spider shibito

Howard fights Sam Monroe and a spider shibito

As he searches the area, the sobbing of a girl grabs his attention. To the student’s shock, it is a little girl, Bella Monroe, as a six-eyed Shibito Brain. The prospect of a child turning into such a creature disturbs Howard, and hears Melissa ordering him to stay away from Bella. Without any time to react from Melissa’s order, he is shot dead by the mother, who had lost her sanity after the trauma of seeing her child become a shibito.

Amana tries to understand what has gone wrong – the ritual to restore Kaiko isn’t working, despite Miyako’s presence. She realizes that the timeline is off balance – her amnesia and interaction with Howard from before meant that she accidentally altered how the events in Hanuda were supposed to occur. Time suddenly rewinds, reversing everything up to Howard regaining consciousness after being shot by the shibito policeman.

Howard encounters Bella as a shibito brain

Melissa shoots Howard from behind

Howard waking up after the time rewinded

Second Timeline[]

Waking up beside the lake after being shot by the policeman, Howard is once again met with Amana. Seeing the symbol of Hanuda’s religion on her clothes, and having fleeting memories of her antagonistic actions towards him in the previous timeline, he runs away from her. He continues making progress the same way as he did in the last timeline, but with no help from Amana. During this, he sees a flash of Miyako being chased by a shibito, and faintly recalls her.

Howard reencounters with Amana

Howard after having a vision of Miyako

Howard hides from a Fly shibito

When he sees Miyako Kajiro, he tells her that he remembers her from before. Miyako reveals that time in Hanuda is playing over and over again, stuck in a time loop. With Howard’s help, Miyako uses her supernatural abilities to activate four stone pillars that unleash bright, supernatural lights in the sky, the release of an ancient force. Unfortunately, Amana confronts the two like in the first timeline and incapacitates Howard by making unconscious. Miyako is captured by Amana.

Howard remember Miyako giving him her blood

Howard remembers what happened

Miyako tells Howard what to do

Howard and Miyako watch the sky

Miyako tells Howard about the seals they just broke

Amana gives Howard a headache and takes Miyako with her

Seigo Saiga finds Howard unconscious

A human Seigo Saiga, in the same area and having followed the light, encounters Howard’s unconscious body. Seigo takes him to the Saiga Clinic with Bella Monroe, now human again in this timeline, following him.​​​​

Bella follows Seigo to the hospital

Hours later, Howard regains consciousness and introduces himself to Bella Monroe. They see Seigo Saiga experimenting on a female shibito, much to Howard’s horror as he tries to shield Bella from the scene, only for her to faint at the sight. Seigo calls Howard “our saviour” and asks him how he feels “now that you’ve started your new existence”; he refers to the blood of Miyako that has been carried over from the first timeline. Howard, not understanding what Seigo is talking about, calls him “sick in the head”. The doctor leaves the two, as he has “business to take care of”. Howard and Bella penetrate the Nest, with Howard remembering that he went there in the other timeline, pointing out the difference with that Bella is accompanying him this time around.

Howard awakes in the hospital and sees Bella

Howard finds Seigo

Howard calling Seigo crazy

Howard and Bella approaching the nest

Howard goes with Bella to the nest

Bella attaches her beetle to a string in order to get a audio cassette tape

Howard gets an audio tape

Bella being rude to Howard

Bella being polite to Howard

The two hear music coming from Amana’s organ during the resurrection of Kaiko. As they find Amana, Howard witnesses Miyako’s body being set on fire, and screams out her name in anguish. Sam Monroe arrives and is distraught to see that they were too late – Kaiko is resurrected, but because Miyako had sent some of her blood into Howard, Kaiko’s body is not complete, resembling an amebae-like creature. Kaiko attempts to gather the remaining blood from Howard, but Howard, Sam and Bella flee before Seigo appears and sends Kaiko back into Inferno.

Howard screams after watching Miyako burn

Howard and Bella run away from Kaiko

Sam Monroe wakes up Howard

Sam asks Howard his name and then introducing himself

Howard realizes who sent him the messages

Wandering around the Nest, Howard sees Miyako’s reflection in a pool of red water; her spirit informs her to open a portal into Inferno and makes him promise to eliminate Kaiko, the shibito and the rest of Hanuda. Placing his hand into the water, he is sent into Inferno.

Howard sees Miyako's reflection in the Cristal pool

Howard talking to Miyako and her tells Howard to destroy the village

Howard enters the mirror pool

Finding himself in a seemingly deserted area resembling Hanuda, the young man is immediately confronted by Seigo, who hand him the Uryen, letting him know that “This role is meant for you...I’m afraid you’re better suited for it”. Seigo attacks him with a shotgun, trying to force him into using the Kajiro blood in his body to unlock the Uryen’s power. Seigo then shifts from a shotgun to using the Saiga family sword, the Homuranagi.

Howard appears in Inferno, with Seigo behind him

Seigo Saiga gives howard the Uryen

Howard shoots at Seigo

Evading the doctor’s attacks, Howard hears Miyako’s voice telling him to use his blood, which results in the Uryen’s power being unleashed.

In self-defense, Howard uses the Uryen to set Seigo on fire, who is glad that his “part in this is finished” and disintegrates, leaving his sword behind. Howard picks up the sword before Amana decides to use her own strength as fuel to bring Kaiko back to full power. The procedure works, and a colourful, insect-like Kaiko arises from its cocoon-like body. Kaiko transports itself and Howard into a pshycodelic dimension.

Miyako tells Howard how to activate the Uryen

Howard activates the Uryen

Hoard acquiring the Homuranagi

Amana realizes that Miyako's blood is in Howard

Howard confused after seeing Kaiko

Kaiko absorbs Howard into another world

Howard arrives Kaiko's world

There, Howard uses the Homuranagi as a vessel for the ancient power that was unleashed from the stone markers, with Miyako to help guide him. Using the Uryen to contruct a pillar of fire, Howard swipes his blade to create waves of fire that managed to harm the god. Eventually, Kaiko is destoryed.

Howard hears Miyako's voice, guiding him to a relic

Howard and Miyako use the Uryen to break the relic

The Homuranagi acquires a new power

Howard uses the Uryen against Kaiko

Howard defeats Kaiko

Howard and Miyako after Kaiko's defeat

After Kaiko’s defeat, time becomes unstable in Hanuda. Howard and Miyako see Amana in the now red void of Inferno, who rants of how “the Alpha and the Omega” are joined in an eternal cycle (she refers to how, because the distortion of time, Bella has been sent back to Hanuda in the 600s and will become Amana).

Due to the red water in his body and Miyako’s blood, Howard can never leave the alternate Hanuda dimension, but decides to keep his promise to Miyako. Armed with a shotgun, rifle, headphones that play his favourite song, the Uryen and the Homuranagi, he begins his massacre upon the shibito remaining in Hanuda.

Howard about to destroy Hanuda

Howard uses the Uryen against Hanuda

Howard hunts shibito with his rifle


Character Traits from Forbidden Siren[]

Kyoya Suda
Tamon Takeuchi

Kyoya Suda:[]

  • Main protagonist of the game, a teenager student in Japan interested in the paranormal.

  • Arrives to Hanuda on a bike / motorbike and interrupts the ritual, then befriends Miyako and helps her escape

  • Shot by a shibito policeman and reawakened, then meeting the game’s antagonist, a priestess, who helps him in a tutorial level. Then they both get separated.

  • Enters Tabori house with Miyako, there she combines her blood with his, preventing him from becoming a shibito.

  • Gets separated from Miyako after (being shot / set on fire)

  • Rescued by doctor and sent to hospital, then goes to the Nest with a female companion that met at the hospital

  • Meets a professor during the ritual and sees Miyako being sacrificed, later sees her reflection in a red pool of water

  • Is given the Uryen by doctor

  • Fights person involved in ritual before fighting god

  • Slaughters shibito at the end of the game

Tamon Takeuchi:[]

  • Witnesses female companion get shot by a shibito sniper, who he defeats.

  • Shibito sniper is a person he knew from before.

Kei Makino
Ayako Kajiro

Kei Makino:[]

  • Calling the hospital’s doctor insane after finding him dissecting a female shibito

  • Gets shot and dies in the nest by another major character.

Ayako Kajiro:[]

  • Is set on fire by the priestess through supernatural powers.


"How do you like that?" / "Suck on that!"- Catch-phrases after defeating an enemy


First Timeline[]

  • Miyako Kajiro = Saves her from being sacrificed during ritual; meets up with her and guides her to the Tabori residence; later, shelters her while he fights Shibito Seigo; separated from her when Amana sets him on fire; sees Miyako’s unconscious body in the Nest
  • Shuji Shimada = Shot by him as a Shibito.
  • Amana = Finds and takes cared of him after getting shot by Shibito policeman, then witnesses her being kidnapped by a Fly Shibito; is later set on fire by her after defeating Shibito Seigo
  • Seigo Saiga = Prevents him from killing Miyako; encounters him during first meeting with Miyako; fights and “kills” Shibito Seigo when Miyako gets shot by him; is attacked by him one more time while penetrating the Nest’s core
  • Kaiko = Attacks him when he sees Miyako’s body in the Nest
  • Sam Monroe = Recieves an email (whichs invites him to Hanuda) from him, who had been sent back to 1976 and waited for 31 years to give him the email; he also faced the pre-time travel version of Sam who had turned into a Spider Shibito.
  • Bella Monroe = Stumbles upon her, who had turned into a Shibito Brain with six eyes.
  • Melissa Gale = Shoots him in the chestafter encountering Bella.

Second Timeline[]

  • Miyako Kajiro = Saves her from being sacrificed during ritual; meets up with her and allows her to activate four hidden stone pillars; separated from her when Amana uses her powers to make him lose consciousness; witnesses Miyako’s death during Kaiko’s resurrection; is guided by Miyako in destroying Kaiko; promises her that he will destroy all Shibito
  • Shuji Shimada = Shot by him as a Shibito
  • Amana = Found by her after getting shot by Shibito policeman; runs away from her when recognising her as part of religious cult and also from scarce memories of the first timeline; becomes unconscious through Amana’s powers when she kidnaps Miyako; sees her involvement with Kaiko’s resurrection ritual; confronts Amana in Inferno and leaves her in the unstable Inferno dimension after Kaiko’s defeat
  • Seigo Saiga = Prevents him from killing Miyako; is sent to Seigo’s hospital by Seigo; is horrified when he finds Seigo experimenting on a Shibito corpse, and calls him crazy; is given the Uryen by him and is forced to kill him in self-defense
  • Bella Monroe = Meets her after waking up in Seigo’s hospital, has her accompany him when they penetrate the Nest; separated from her during Kaiko’s resurrection
  • Kaiko = Witnesses its resurrection, then goes into Inferno and kills him
  • Sam Monroe = Recieves an email from him, (an invitation to Hanuda) from an older Sam who was sent back to 1976 and waited for 31 years to give Howard the email; during and after Kaiko’s resurrection, meets pre-time travel Sam Monroe, and is informed that, from the young Sam’s perspective, Sam hasn’t sent an email to him 


Playable Chapters[]




Episode 1: Chapter 2

August 2nd 23:33:28

Lower Arato

Escape from the police officer

Episode 2: Chapter 4

August 3rd 02:00:31

Harayadori, Housing Settlement

Go through the market with Amana

Episode 3: Chapter 4

August 3rd 05:13:51


Escape to Tabori with Miyako Kajiro

Episode 4: Chapter 4

August 4th 00:09:28

Tabori, Ito House

Escape to Karuwari with Miyako Kajiro

Episode 6: Chapter 2

August 4th 08:08:06

Mount Gojaku, Hanuda Mine

Take out the pursuer

Episode 7: Chapter 2

August 4th 19:10:56

Upper Arato, Shibito Nest

Reach the Nest Core

Episode 7: Chapter 4

August 4th 23:24:19

Shibito Nest, The Core

Drive away the Shibito Brain

Episode 10: Chapter 4

August 4th 09:59:57


Break the four seals

Episode 11: Chapter 4

August 4th 19:00:58

Upper Arato, Shibito Nest

Enter the Nest Core with Bella Monroe

Episode 12: Chapter 4

August 5th 33:33:28


Defeat Kaiko