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The Homuranagi (焔薙) is the family sword of the Kajiro family.

It was created in order to protect Hanuda and its mysterious cult from the religious prosecution during the Tokugawa Shogunate (1603-1868). Once the Homuranagi acquires the power of the Kiruden (木る伝) it gains the power to permanently kill the shibito, like the Uryen.

The Homuranagi (焔薙)

Item 55; The Kiruden

Item 55; part 2

The sword acquire the powers of the mysterious Kiruden after its soul is set free, for that, first the 4 stone markers must be pushed and their seal pressed. This is done by Shiro Miyata, Risa Onda, Kyoya Suda and Akira Shimura.

Shiro Miyata pushes the lion stone marker

Risa Onda pushes the bull stone marker

Akira shimura pushes the eagle stone marker

Kyoya Suda pushes the human stone marker

Seal being pushed

Representation of the Kiruden

After all the seals are broken then the 4 lanterns in Karuwari must be lit in the correct order; this is done by Reiko Takato. After that happens, the spirit of the Kiruden goes to the Homuranagi.

Karuwari map, the lanterns must be light in the correct order (DABC · Lion, Bull, Man and Eagle)

Reiko Takato lighting the 4 lamps in Karuwari and releasing the spirit of the Kiruden

The spirit of the Kiruden being released

Jun Kajiro uses the Homuranagi against Kyoya Suda in the inferno, and after defeating him, Kyoya uses it to decapitate Datatsushi. Then Kyoya will keep the sword and use it to exterminate the shibito.

Kyoya Suda holding the Homuranagi

Kyoya with the Homuranagi on flames.

Item 96; About the history of the Homuranagi.

Siren Blood Curse[]

The role of the Homuranagi in Siren: Blood Curse is essentially the same as in Forbidden Siren.

Seigo Saiga with the Homuranagi

Howard with the Homuranagi

Etymology of the Name[]

  • 焔 Homura = (noun) Blaze / Flame, (adjective) Glowing / Blazing.
  • 薙 Nagi = (verb) To weed / To shave (薙ぐ nagu).

Homura·nagi can both mean:

  • Weeder of blazes. (As stated in Item 96; If considering (焔) as a noun).
  • Blazing weeder. (As seen by the flaming sword that Kyoya wields; If considering (焔) as an adjective).


  • Item 84; Tamon Takeuchi's notes

    In Forbidden Siren 2 you must break 4 seals as well, but while in Forbidden Siren 2 the seals release the dark, in forbidden siren through breaking the seals a protective force is released instead.
  • Tamon Takeuchi realizes that there must be a contrary force to Datatsushi.