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Hiroshi Okita

宏 沖田

Hiroshi 6.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Sergeant Hiroshi Okita
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Age 31 (1975-2006)
Abilities Unknown
Weapon Assault rifle
Allies Yorito Nagai
Takeaki Misawa
Voiced by Kenzō Ryū (笠 兼三)

Hiroshi Okita (沖田 宏 Okita Hiroshi?) is a character in Forbidden Siren 2.

A Japanese Self-Defense Force sergeant who crash lands in Cape Hidaru on Yamijima Island due to helicopter trouble that occurs when they become caught in the oddity during cargo transportation training.


He was at the same rescue team as Takeaki Misawa (at the time rank 1 captain), sent to Hanuda 2 years ago.

Unlike the somewhat obstinate Misawa, he has a calm, caring personality, and was friendly with his junior Yorito Nagai, who was very fond of him. However, at the start of the oddity, Hiroshi sustains grave injuries while shielding Nagai when the helicopter crashes, dying from his wounds shortly after.

Item 53; Letter to Yorito

Dear Yorito,

Congratulations on your promotion.
Your father and I were so worried that you might give up and come back home.

We're so proud of you!

Did I tell you that I was learning how to use the...what do you call it, "internet?" Like you, I'm not going to give up until I've mastered it!

By the way, I sent a package of mulukhiya to your quarters. Please share it with your friend Sgt. Okita, and give him our best regards.

Your Mother

He is promptly resurrected as a shibito and shoots Nagai's helmet off, then Yorito is forced by Takeaki to gun down Hiroshi. He is later seen at the Yamijima Miners' Housing Complex sniping at Misawa, and then later driving around the school grounds in a truck trying to hit Ichiko.

Assaulted by the endlessly multiplying Yamirei, Okita later becomes a Yamibito and is finally defeated by Yorito using TNT.

Hiroshi after his death

Yorito Shooting at Hiroshi

Takeaki Misawa shooting at Hiroshi

Hiroshi Up close

Yorito Nagai destroying Hiroshi with TNT


  • Mulukhiya seems to be one of his favorite foods.
  • He is portrayed by Kenzō Ryū (笠 兼三).

Kenzho Ryu as Hiroshi Okita


Hiroshi as a shibito