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Akiko Kiyota

章子 喜代田

Kiyota akiko.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Akiko Kiyota
Gender Female
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Age 29 (1976-2005)
Abilities Sightjack and Past-jack
Allies Soji Abe
Voiced by Nami Misaki

Akiko Kiyota (喜代田章子 Kiyota Akiko?) is a character in Forbidden Siren 2; a psychic who accompanies Soji Abe to the island in order to prove his innocence in the death of Ryuko Tagawa. She is strangely familiar with the island, and is able to read the past while sightjacking.



She is a reincarnation of Kanae, an Offshoot born from Mother but heavily influenced by Yayoi Mikami.

Kanae dissolves into the water

After the night of the disappearances of all of the islanders on Yamijima 29 years ago (In August 1976), the first dove, Kanae, melts in the morning sunlight, vanishing into the sea (-6:00 "Rift"). Having lost her physical form, that which used to be Kanae (the core of Offshoot A) drifted in the sea until coming across a woman who fell from a cruise ship off the coast of Yamijima, there she clings parasitically to her fetus (later Akiko Kiyota).

Before going to Yamijima[]

She has been able to see all kinds of images by touching objects and people for as long as she can remember (a power which comes from being an offspring of Mother),

After graduating from junior college she opened a shop called Yumemi Salon in Tokyo where she worked as a fortune-teller, using her powers to read the memories of people and objects, or through dowsing services or tarot reading in order to help others. She also acts under the name "Mademoiselle Yumemi" on the internet.

She eventually becomes good friends with Ryuko Tagawa (Another off-shoot from Mother) when they meet at the restaurant where Ryuko worked. One afternoon, Akiko learns from the news that Ryuko was murdered, presumably by his lover Soji Abe. Moments after watching the news Soji shows up and tells her that he just saw Ryuko exiting the building before the murder happened, so she must be alive. They both resolve to go to Yamijima in order to find Ryuko and reveal Soji's innocence.[1].

In Yamijima[]


  • Kanae was strongly influenced by the human Yayoi Mikami, and for this reason, Akiko is the dove closest to a human, the hardest one for Mother to influence.
  • Ryuko sensed the essence of a dove inside Akiko, like her, and Akiko feels an inexplicable sense of familiarity towards her, that's what made them both become good friends.